FF Account Potentially Hacked

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Paul F

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I have had my original FF account suspended due to a suspected hack attempt, I have had a new account created but after 3 weeks and hrs spent on the phone to the call center in Manila, I cannot seem to get my existing points and status transferred to my new account,

how can I escalate my complaint and speak to someone in Australia as the call center claims they have no phone number for the IT department that handles the transfers,

any help appreciated


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Very weird scenario.

Normally one would call and enquire about the suspended account first rather than create a new account and ask for the transfer of the points.

Are you sure the original account was hacked? Or there was something shady going on?


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My Business rewards account was hacked into and someone transferred 60,000 points to themselves! Qantas actually notified me and I wrote a stat dec and they cleared everything up. I just rang the 13 74 78 number but if its your normal FF balance then I would just call them. Nothing to do with IT department - I would call the FF number in Aus.



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Whilst I am not suggesting that this may apply to the OP, but the only time I have seen QF suspend accounts is if they are investigating suspect behaviour (mainly point transfers to non-eligible members, or suspect behaviour on the points mall). As alluded to by others, QFF are fairly well versed dealing with accounts being hacked, and generally require a stat dec before they action any remedy.

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