TAP Air Portugal Status Match

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Did anyone see the status match offered for TAP Air Portugal to Star Alliance Gold? Is this only available to people based in US or applicable for anyone worldwide, does anyone know?


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Google is your friend, JA.

Suggest that you google "TAP Status Match". The first item in the results field will take you to an excellent article at a competing travel website. Alternatively, you could actually visit the TAP website and search for 'status match'.

Sorry to be a little trite - but we're not all here to play personal concierge, especially when a simple search will suffice.

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kimshep: While we appreciate you pointing JA in the right direction, we remind you that readers are free to discuss a range of topics and to post questions as desired. You are equally free to not respond. If you feel a post doesn't belong, you can instead use the 'report' feature, but please leave moderating to the moderators.


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TAP is matching everyone in OneWorld, Skyteam or Azul status and I do not think your country of residence matters.

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