Qantas Boeing 787 premium economy: best seats?

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is it better to sit in row 20 (bulkhead) without a footrest; or any other row, which has a footrest?



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Me personally I would sit in row 20, you will get served first at meal services. Plus, no one reclining into you and will be off the plane quicker (especially if arriving into busy airport).

Remember that 20A&C and 20J&K have a baby bassinet, so if you book these seat you may not be guaranteed it (i.e. if someone who has a baby books a premium economy seat you could be moved).

Foot rest: it really depends on you. I don't like the foot rest when I'm awake but when I'm asleep it is sometimes comfortable. Other colleges say it's hit or miss too.

Also if you like to keep your bags under the seat in front of you, you will not be able to store your bags on the floor in row 20 for safety reasons during taxi, take-off and landing.

So basically if you are comfortable with the drawbacks of a bulk head seat, book row 20, otherwise all premium economy seats are defiantly above average on Qantas 787's.


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Also, no inflight storage in bulkhead I discovered, for phones, cables etc.


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The bulkhead row by a mile for me. I am 2m tall. The footrests don't work for tall people. In the other rows it is too tight if the seat in front is reclined. I cannot sit with my legs straight and need to twist in the seat.

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After take-off, passengers sitting at the bulkhead rows are given little ottomans / black cubes to rest their feet on.

Having flown further back in the same premium economy cabin (and finding the swing down leg rest 'slash' foot paddle arrangement terribly uncomfortable), I was looking at the bulkhead row in envy, so that would be my pick!

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