Velocity - cash out points?

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Curious of what everyone is thinking about the viability of VA - and therefore what to do with points balance? Transfer to SQ, buy from store etc. None of these represent great value - but neither is losing 350k


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VA will be fine. The media are beating it up more to get headlines like they always do.


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I literally just spent half my stash on cases of wine and a few gift vouchers. I normally only use them on business class flight redemptions/upgrades. I know the value is poor but I'm hedging my bets here. I still have 200K balance so thats enough for my flight needs. Especially at the moment!

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Chris Chamberlin

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Personally, I'm quite comfortable with my balance of Velocity points and don't plan on converting them out to KrisFlyer or cashing them in for gift cards and the like.

However, if you must travel right now (keeping in mind all the border restrictions, etc), it's a great time to use points to either book or upgrade your flight, as there's availability on most departures with demand being much lower than usual (and of course, that gives you more space on board).


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Everyone at my work is bailing out.... virgin points for wine, ready for lock down! Haha


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Transfered all to KFF.


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Definitely keeping them where they are. VA will recover, all airlines are suffering at the moment. Using to buy wine or gift cards or shopping is poor value, but use them as you see fit. Also transferring to SQ costs VA money, so it actually does more harm than good, unless you're someone who wants to see them fold.


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In light of VA suggesting AUD$1.4b govt support is needed for the industry, does this change any ones mind?

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