• Because in theory you have already been given a 1 year extension to feb 2022... Check your expiry date in the mobile app

  • sketching out some options such as setting a minimum for points-based upgrades across airlines at the more expensive standard and flexible economy fares rather than "discount economy or economy sale fares."No good for those of us who fly a lot for work, but work pays for the cheapest possible tic...

  • and re security - I would assume extended security check before you get to check-in at Melbourne. Plus the extreme security when leaving TLV.

  • Don't forget they wont fly on Friday/Shabat, so no arriving on Saturday before the start of the working week (Sunday).Economy even on the dreamliner is mediocre. They have an upgrade package in Economy where a perk is your own personal bottled water, rather than poured into a plastic cup.

  • Qantas lounge options at Bangkok

    Aug 30, 2019, 02:16 AM

    Flying on the Code Share El Al flight to TLV - sat in the "miracle First Class CIP Lounge" - the new improved name I presume for the tavern. Reading above, as El Al isn't OneWorld, this is the only lounge I have access to?Its ok. Not the worst I've been in by far, but certainly not up to CX/EK/QF...

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