Returning to the uk from Adelaide

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We are with Singapore airlines to fly back to the UK but flights cancelled thoughts on getting another flight or stay in Australia


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Is it better to return to the uk or stay here


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I'd stay here. We seem to have if under control for the moment. My friend in the Uk said it isn't the greatest there. Stick it out here I'd say.


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Well assuming you have decided that you 'have' to return to the UK, at the moment the best option for you looks like it could well be Qatar, there are a few more days of BA flights left from Sydney, no idea what availability and pricing are like for those though. Without stating the blindingly obvious it's likely that in the near term that options may narrow even further. Depending upon whether you are a British Citizen, I guess if there are any repatriation flights, then you may be eligible for those?

But as one who is currently in the UK, I would probably suggest that your best bet is to stay in Adelaide.

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Qatar via Perth or stay in Australia would be the best option right now.

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Unless you have a particular need to return to the UK, compare the statistics and seriously consider staying in Australia:

Australia has 3,400 Active Cases, the UK has 46,100 in a far higher densely populated country

Australia has a Death Rate from the virus of 2 per million, the UK has 79 per million

Australia has a testing rate of nearly 3 times the rate in the UK, meaning there could be far more unknown cases in the UK.

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