SQ ADL Lounge at the auctions

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Should I be surprised to see the entire contents of the Singapore Lounge in Adelaide going under the hammer at the MGS auctions next week?

Hopefully a refurb? Or a shut down?



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Adelaide Airport are in the process of building a new International Common User lounge almost where the current Singapore lounge is. Singapore will no longer have their own dedicated lounge according to the Master Plan of the Terminal Expansion plans.


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We've written this up - https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/singapore-airlines-closes-adelaide-airport-lounge

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It will be an interesting move by the ADL management, since dilutes brand loyalty, and airline foothold (and legacy if they want to pull out of ADL routes).

Furthermore if more international airlines reduce or withdraw routes to ADL (temporarily or permanently from the COVID-19) how do they expect the remaining airlines to come to the table to maintain their contribution level to keep the running of the lounge viable in the long run?

I suppose those who planned this amalgamation and threw out exclusivity and loyalty didn't take an unprecedented (oh I really hated to use this phrase after the pollies) event of COVID-19 into account

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