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  • SQ ADL Lounge at the auctions

    May 15, 2020, 10:24 AM

    Adelaide Airport are in the process of building a new International Common User lounge almost where the current Singapore lounge is. Singapore will no longer have their own dedicated lounge according to the Master Plan of the Terminal Expansion plans.

  • Originally Posted by ChrisCh : Qatar Airways reward flights show up on the Qantas website, as with most partner airlines. :)You only need to call Qantas to book the flight if the first flight on your ticket departs from Doha (something about not being able to price tickets in Qatari Riyals and i...

  • Hi there, I'm looking at flights on Qatar from Kiev and wanting to use QFF, what is the best way to check availability, I know I'll have to call Qantas and book the flight over the phone.

  • Posting a new thread

    Nov 13, 2016, 12:58 PM

    I can't access the thread i started on the forum on the 11th, I can't find it in the community and when i navigate to my forum posts in my account settings it says sorry you cannot access this page. Is there a reason for this and how can I see my forum post?

  • Checked on seat guru and both have 3-4-3 in economy so not much different. On frequent flyers. Both flights are the same number of Any Seat points and leave 10 minutes apart.

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