Hotel Quarantine & Hotel Status

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As an Aussie about to return home, I’m curious about hotel quarantine.

Does anyone know if the 14 nights count towards your account? Or if your status helps with room upgrades?

I’m thinking no, as they would be booked at a Government rate.



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Do you even get to choose the hotel you will stay in?

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You won't even know what hotel you're staying at until you arrive there.



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I understand you don’t know the hotel until you arrive - but I have status with most chains.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience adding the 14 nights post stay to their account


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The answer is no. You get not benefit what so ever.

And as the government has pointed out technically you are not even a hotel guest so you should not expect any normal hotel service or perk. The government has bulk rented the rooms and the government is “sub letting” if you Will to you a bedroom, bathroom and 3 meals a day.


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My recent experience from a quarantine stay at a Westin confirms AJW's comments 100%. The government is the party billing you, not the hotel.


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Just finished 14 nights in quarantine in Sydney. NSW Revenue is the one who will bill you.

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