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Hello all,

I've noticed an interesting quirk on Qantas' coming back to work process regarding seat selection. 2 weeks ago I had a Brisbane-Hamilton Island return flight and whilst I had the ability to preselect seats on the first leg, the return to Brisbane just showed 'unavailable' all the way up to departure (both flights were paid business mainline 737s).

In a couple of weeks I have a Brisbane/Cairns return and the same thing - seat selection on the way up (Qlink 717) but none available on the mainline 737 for the return.

I've never seen this before and wondered if others have seen the same thing?


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Had similar experience at booking QF cattle class in some inter capital city routes but closer to flight date the seating selection option does open up. I think it’s because they are not sure what equipment to use (even though it is listed as whatever) so am surprised you had problems with selection up to departures


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i am stunned about all of this.i thought the only planes where one could not choose their own seats at time of booking on qantas were dash 8's.

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