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I booked return flights to NZ in Feb from BNE to AKL for Dec 21 returning 14 January. I've vaguely heard that Qantas has suspended most flights to NZ and that they aren't flying into AKL from BNE at all.

On the Qantas App my flight details are all still there but when I go to the booking website and look for bookings around that time there appear to be no flights available. This leads me to believe that QF119 has been cancelled.

Short of ringing Qantas, how do I confirm this? I used to have a link that would take me straight to the chat function but that's gone.

If Qantas has cancelled the flight then I'm due a refund. If I cancel then it's flight credits. The cancellation of these two flights would put Qantas in my debt to the tune of $3000. How long would they hold onto that?

If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.


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I had an almost identical experience in March with Air New Zealand. The phone just rang out and the chat function had been removed. A week after the flights were cancelled they said I had automatically be given a credit for future travel. I stood my ground - they cancelled the flights, no alternatives were offered and they owed me a refund. My correspondence did not elicit any response. I took it up with my bank and got a credit card chargeback. Had I not succeeded in that I was more than willing to go to small claims. I had taken several screen shots of relevant material from the NZ website, in case evidence of facts would be needed.



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Holden it is not Qantas suspending flights as NZ not allowing arrivals without two weeks quarantine. Your three week trip will be down to one plus an expensive and boring two weeks in a hotel. NZ may change its mind but no sign of that yet. Qantas will advise you closer to the time when they cancel it. Unfortunately they can keep it open on the probably remote chance it will happen be allowed and it also defers their credit liability. They are also very slow in turning credits into cash. I have been waiting a few months now for my credits to be refunded.


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Wouldn't you know it, Within two days of posting this Qantas have e-mailed me saying that both my flights are cancelled and I've been given flight credits.

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