New Hilton stay options, less flexible and potentially more expensive

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Over the last week, Hilton launched their Dream Big offer with discounts up to 30%. However, I noticed this new offer replaced the previous rate, sometimes referred to as 'Travel and Save', which allowed cancellation up to the night before the stay, without having to pay up to the 'Flexible Rate'. For instance, I have an upcoming stay in Australia booked prior to the Dream Big sale and noticed I could save $17/night if rebooked under the Dream Big offer, at the expense of the new rate being non-refundable and only changeable up to 72 hours before arrival. On the other hand, If I were to pay up to the flexibility that the 'Travel and Save' rate used to allow, it would cost approximately $50 more per night. While I'm no expert in hotel pricing and understand the tourism industry is hurting, it seems that such a move to lock people into similarly priced rates despite the ongoing risk of border closures could discourage people from booking certain brands at at time where demand is set to pick-up. Perhaps they should have a revised set of flexible rules for HHonors elite members that takes the Australian context into account, given members are generally willing to stick to the brand, but not necessarily through booking non-refundable rates or significantly more expensive flexible rates while the vaccine is still not widely available. Any thoughts?


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This brings to mind some of the ridiculous payment/cancellation conditions imposed by many on AirBnB. Hilton is not the only chain moving to tougher conditions. Hotels used to work with the needs of business travellers, where plans often change at the last minute. Now they penalize business and all other travellers with increasingly higher rates for flexibility and increasingly inflexible conditions for lower rates. I wonder what they believe their target market actually is.

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