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Until recently I was booked with Qantas from New Zealand to Brisbane via Melbourne in J. That booking was just amended by the airline but I still cannot work out how or why. I'm now booked New Zealand to Sydney, Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Brisbane (at least still all in J). So I still have to transit Melbourne, regrettably the MEL-BNE flight departs some hours before my arrival there from Sydney. We'll work it out, or I can cancel. Just thought some of you might be amused.


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Your NZ to Melbourne flight would have been cancelled due to the latest Victorian lockdown. I suspect the system automatically generated an alternative route and booked you in. But obviously Mr IT made an error and booked you onto a wrong flight. I think you should just call Qantas and ask them to change flights for you (do your research first though and find out what preferred flights you like). Or even try to do it online and see if it works without additional cost. A similar situation happened to me in the past and I contacted the airline and they just changed flights for me.


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Reminds me of the time that Virgin Australia changed my direct Darwin to Melbourne flight into a 2-day Darwin to Perth, Perth to Adelaide, Adelaide to Melbourne marathon. Computers sometimes do very strange things; happily a call to a human is generally all that's needed to put things right or at least to make things a little better!


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See you after 3 days on hold to qantas service centre


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You know, if the connecting flights did work, then it would have been helluva status run for a (probably) cheaper direct flight. Could have been a worthwhile trip if you had the time and in pre COVID-19 times (now a lifetime ago), and then their is the double status offer...

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