A380 plus a dribble of 777'S

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Talk this week on QANTAS still to fly the A380 and QANTAS saying the Dreamliner is a better aircraft.

I cant think of a better aircraft to fly the Australia/UK route than the A380. for such a long leg its a pleasure to fly on and people love it. Why would you want to be like a sardine on a Dreamliner? From my experience heres my thoughts. I have traveled Sydney to London on QANTAS in economy on the A380 one of the best flights in economy I have ever had, we did have extra leg room but it was such a fun trip, cant fault it one bit. Just to have the massive cabin space makes it a better trip. I cant Imagine what the same trip on a 787 would be like. I have only ever traveled on 1 787 it was Thai Brisbane to Bangkok Business class out economy return, cant say either were that good. The last 3 years I have been very lucky and have done 3 times Emirates 1st class 777 to Dubai then A380 to Manchester, same on the return leg, cant seem to get the A380 to Brisbane, sure its top class but its still A380 and all that room. Having said that all those times I have been in 1st its very empty, I prefer the 777 1st over the A380, but the A380 wins hands down with the bar and shower. I have done A330 QANTAS to Hong Kong, Qatar Biz Singapore to Manchester A350-900 and 1000 Qsuite not bad at all but cant beat Emirates for service. QANTAS biz to Hong Kong was excellent on the A330. going back some years I did Manchester to KL on the MAS A380 economy up stairs at the back small cabin, amazing. I just dont think the small planes cut the mustard. The new 777-1000 should be good for passenger experience. I did like the Qatar A350-1000 but I was in my own bubble, not sure what 22 hours in economy would be like. Once we get this COVID out of the way the A380 will be packed.


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I love the a380 for all sorts of reasons, be it Qantas or Emirates or even BA. However, I'm afraid the world may have changed forever. Qantas I think will want to focus for its flights to UK/Europe on non-stop from Australia. That means 787 and a350, from Perth now and from East Coast later. For passengers this removes the Covid risks and rules associated with stopovers in foreign ports. It may also mean, eventually, more frequent services because the 787 and 350 are smaller. Will the ME carriers keep the a380 on the Australia run? Emirates almost certainly in the short to medium term. Otherwise, probably not. Those with the $$ should enjoy those first class showers while they can, even if does mean a stop at DXB.


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There's no such thing as this "Boeing 777-1000" you have mentioned. Are you talking about the Boeing 777X, which comes in either a 777-8 or 777-9 version?

That aside, the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 are all very different aircraft, and the degree of 'comfort' also depends on how an airline chooses to configure them, the type of seats and legroom etc. I like the A380 experience overall if you're in business class and if there's some sort of lounge, even the Qantas A380 lounge or ideally the Qatar A380 one.

Until the A380 comes back Qantas will probably be flying the Boeing 787 on Sydney-Singapore-London instead of the A380, and I do think that even in business class, that stopover at Changi is nice to visit the lounge, have a shower and freshen up, have some 'real' food prepared and cooked at the lounge instead of something warmed up on the plane.

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The reference to Qantas saying the B787 is a "better aircraft" than the A380 relates to fuel burn per kilometre per seat. The B787 is a far more fuel efficient aircraft. (Sorry I don't have the figures to hand, but you should be able to find them easily on line.)

Also remember that interior comfort (seat length, width, bars, etc) is dependent on the fit-out, which is determined by the airline, not the aircraft manufacturer.

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