Status support but living in the UK

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Hi all,

I am in the situation where status support has been offered to me for my Silver status, however I live in London so don’t have any access to Qantas flights. I can book flights from London to places using points only, paying cash is not an option, however they don’t appear to be code shares and I’m not sure if a codeshare flight would even count.

I have contacted the london office in regards to this and he told me that any Oneworld flight would work for me but i think he got confused with the status points roll over.

I also understand some people may not think silver is worth keeping however if i can get it for another year for one flight i am willing to do so. I find silver is beneficial for the extra luggage allowance when flying to and from Aus and when doing short trips around Europe with Oneworld being to able to board first with carryon only is very helpful.

And thoughts or suggestions/experiences are welcome. My current silver status expires on Oct 31st so I have a few months to make a plan.

Thanks in advance


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If you reside outside of Australia or New Zealand, the Qantas will be extending your status (assuming the address in your profile is outside Australia)

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