• Hi Nalanji, I would love to hear more of your experience staying in Howard Spring, the good, the bad? As an Aussie living in London I’m happy this option will give relief to a few people needing to get home. 

  • This is my situation as currently being UK based. Though not a business traveller my one trip back a year (or 18 months when well planned) allowed me to get the 4 legs easily and leisure travel the other status points to retain silver. Silver isn't really a big deal but it has advantages that i f...

  • This has definitely bought me just a little bit of cheer at a pretty stressful time.

  • Yes, many disappointing conditions. I would have been much happier with The credit being valid for longer (mine one only 10 months) or to be able to use the credit I obtained over several trips. Small things that still would have guaranteed my patronage and potentially i still would have spent m...

  • May 25, 2016, 03:48 PM

    Hi AusBT           Just to let you know I clicked on the above link and I was able to join my mum up to FF for free, very happy to avoid the fee!  Cheers

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  • Status support but living in the UK

    Aug 07, 2021, 12:29 AM

    Hi all, I am in the situation where status support has been offered to me for my Silver status, however I live in London so don’t have any access to Qantas flights. I can book flights from London to places using points only, paying cash is not an option, however they don’t appea...

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