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Hey, I was just wondering

I’m booked on a trip to Vancouver late December, and I have an itinerary via LAX from NAN. My biggest concern is my layover at LAX, which is only 2 hours long.

My inbound flight is FJ810 (arriving from NAN at 11:50am), and my outbound is AC555 (departing for YVR at 1:50pm). I am arriving on December 25 (Christmas Day).

Would it be accurate to assume

1) I am arriving in off-peak hours,

2) there’s significantly reduced passenger traffic on Christmas Day, and

3) there is reduced passenger traffic due to COVID-19?

Given all that, do you all have any tips and recommendations to help make this (very tight) connection at LAX? I’m not sure whether my bags can be checked all the way through to YVR given that Fiji Airways and Air Canada are different alliances, but I’ll try to find out.

Edit: 11:50am!


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My staff were booked on a similar arrangement. I would never ever recommend anyone transferring at LAX for shorter lay over. (Atleast pre pandemic it was).

2 hours is very very short, regardless of when you fly in. During off peak hours, there are less immigration counters (and worse if there are only those machines, which have maintenance related issues, and are covered up). Bags are not too bad. However, getting to another terminal, and checking bags again and clearing security all under 2 hours is close to miraculous if it ever happened.

However, Dallas is another story. Even though the airport is huge, 2hrs is plenty.


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As long as you're on a single ticket i wouldn't worry.

2 hours should be oaky if a little rushed. - you might be given a tight connection pass when you get off that lets you bypass most of the lines.


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I totally agree with mspcoo from many personal experiences.

I now select DFW if there is a choice over LAX. If I travel in the winter months I know for sure it’s high risk & higher stress.

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