No eticket or charge for reward flight

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We booked a Qantas business reward flight on Cathay in Oct, e-ticket came through within 12 hrs, points debited and CC charged.

16 days later we booked the return flight via Qantas site for a business rewards flying Malaysian. Points debited, pending cc transaction and still no ticket 9 days later. The pending cc charge has dropped off today, no charge.

Booking shows as confirmed on Qantas but can’t be “managed”, also shows confirm on CheckMyTrip but no e-ticket.

Travel is far into the future.

Are these delays usual for Qantas? Cannot get through to customer service line. Multiple hrs on hold to be disconnected each time.



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It is likely that something has gone wrong. You are going to have waste several more hours of your life listening to Qantas hold music to get this sorted out.

Phil Young


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I had a similar issue recently when booking some Qantas Classic Reward flights. The first one on BA was ticketed in 5 mins, but the one on Japan Airlines was still not ticketed a week later. A phone call to Qantas to query it resulted in it being ticketed within 2 hrs.


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Thank you. I’m back on hold. Few days ago I spent a total of 8 hrs on hold over 3 calls, each of which they terminated prior to speaking to anyone. Incredibly frustrating and appears impossible to get through.


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I would say that as the cc charge has been dropped the Malaysian flight, whilst it appears on the booking won't be happening.


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Agree with Racala. Seat had probably gone by time you saw it...a phantom seat showing on Qantas website but not the live up-to-date res system Qantas uses.

John Phelan

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If you have a PNR (booking number), the problem will be that your booking is stuck in the ticketing queue, hence no e-ticket. This is a known bug in the system, but Qantas seem to be unable to fix it. (It's happened to me twice in recent years.) You'll need to call them and ask them to manually send it for ticketing.

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