Phone contact a disgrace

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Qantas frequent flyer : have 3 times in 2 days to get through on the phone to change a Business class booking

2 hours first time not through 2 and half hours second tine same third !,

This is a disgrace and desperately needs attention : employ more people ??

Ps there is no way you can complain



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have you tried twitter? i'm assuming you cannot do this change online? I find that phone call is not the best way to talk to someone (especially airlines) anymore. Do it online, unless you have a favour to ask.


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This has been reported here and other sites. It is a disgrace I agree. While Virgin call times are reportedly less than 15 mins. I would think this would cost Qantas some business but obviously not enough for them to care about.

What is the problem there anyway? Surely they can't still be blaming COVID?

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I was very pleasantly surprised when I rang VA two nights ago. I was answered in less than 5 minutes. I’m only QF Gold and nothing with VA and was amazed how quickly it was handled.

QF sadly closed a number of reservation call centres and wait times suffered

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It is nothing short of a disgrace. I was on hold for over four hours with Qantas recently, all because they changed my flight and would only let me confirm a new flight by calling their "contact" centre. I've called Virgin three times in the past three months and have never waited more than five minutes. Time to pick up your act, Qantas.

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Agree AND emailing them is just as bad!

Emailed them back in August to change name due to marriage with required docs - stated 48 hour turn around/reply…still waiting so I’m guessing they deleted the email request or I’m still in the queue!


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Don't use twitter, but fb messaged QF twice - no reply. Online chat ftn gone. On hold for 6.5 hrs before line cut-out; time not fully wasted though as I read the paper, cleaned the house, web surfed, exercised.......Finally sorted out the issue at SYD on date of departure; QF had changed the rtn flight and was assigned a connecting flight from DRW to SYD that departed before QF10's arrival into DRW from LHR! The agent expressed surprise the system allowed it. Got back onto QF2. For what it's worth, have heard a lot of QF office-based workers have decided not to rtn from secondary employment.


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QF know they don’t need to invest too much in call centres. That’s not where the real revenue is (or is lost). On the contrary they know they’ve got the corporate market sewn up. This has the added benefit of ensuring those corporate employees remain wedded to QF by virtue of the FF program. I tend to think it’s bred a sense of complacent entitlement at QF. The call centre is just symptomatic of wider problems; reduced ground service, underwhelming J and F product, not to mention a lack of innovation when compared to carriers like SQ.


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I’ve also attempted to contact Qantas multiple times re the refund for the fees and taxes on a classic reward cancellation. It’s been over two months, they’ve returned the points to my account, but no news on the $. Their call centre is helpless any time of the day or the night. I disputed the charge with the credit card last week and am waiting to hear back.


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Qantas should not be in business. Before Covid, they relied on naive and complacent aussies not knowing what to expect from a modern world airline. Post-covid (when certain companies like Qantas uses the phrase "Covid, you know") they still have the support from those people and on top of that they are (and will forever be) bailed out by us taxpayers...

Way too many Australians think it's only fair "in hard times" not to offer refunds, or having minimal customer service etc etc ("we have to support aussie businesses"). In the rest of the world airlines compete to be the most flexible and customer-friendly airline (because they have to in order to survive in the future!).

I will never board a Qantas flight again, they lost my trust pre-Covid. Or should I give them another go? After they abandoned stranded aussies (like my family) while receiving billions in government subsidies, my answer is no... I have more trust and loyalty to Qatar Airways - which kept flights open to Australia (despite the caps on passengers), full refunds, great customer service and transit services)!

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