• HiQuestion : we are booked singapore airlines Melbourne to Singapore July 2 nd ret July 22nd We are not allowed to leave Australia in the near future ! Where do we currently stand please : anybody?

  • Hi AllAre Qantas allowing re schedule for flights from Singapore. : more precise wish to change Singapore / Melb to later in the yearAnyone had any info Mike

  • The downgrade by Emirates from A380 to 777-300Really makes you re think the Buisness class on Qantas and Singapore is much superior than the old Emirates 2/3/2 layoutMike

  • Emirates shuffles Australian flights

    Feb 06, 2019, 04:18 PM

    Hi jterzSame flight same issue as you : would love David to follow up our questions with an Emirates representative My wife and I are very disappointed But we are in Buisness not First like you and the difference from A380 to the old model 777-300 which is currently flying in to Melbourne is chee...

  • Hi BobThanks for the reply : we Travel July 1st hopping all is reconfigured again back to the A380 👍 by then Mike