Layover in Singapore (not transit)

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Hello community,

A question that admin may direct to SQ themselves, but I ask the learned community all the same.

I’m travelling to Singapore in January (QF81) en route to the Maldives

The plan involves entering Singapore and spending the night in the city before returning to Changi the next morning and continuing on. This requires a clear test prior to leaving Sydney and a clear test at Changi, likely returned within six to twelve hours after arrival, unable to leave the city hotel until a clear test is received

My question is whether I’ve interpreted the rules correctly or, generally, if this plan is naive or better changed to just transiting immediately upon arrival at Changi, avoiding the Singapore governmental nightmare.

My rationale is that while travel in January may be sketchy, it’s likely to be sketchy in March or June or September. So what difference does it make.


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Hi DVDA: you have indeed interpreted those rules correctly. If you want to leave the airport and enter Singapore proper (ie go through immigration) then you need to do an ~$150 PCR test on arrival at Changi, and then wait in your hotel room for the results to arrive (allow around six hours).

As you're on QF81 which arrives around 5pm, you probably wouldn't get your test results back until close to midnight, and there's nothing happening at midnight in Singapore these days, so your actual time spent poking around the city would be limited to whatever hours you have before heading back to Changi for your onwards flight to the Maldives.

As you're just looking at a one-night stopover, I would honestly skip the city stopover entirely and change my plans to make Singapore a transit and hop onto an SQ flight to the Maldives. The complication there might be your connection time between the Qantas and Singapore Airlines flights, and indeed if you can do that or if you'd need to do the entire journey on SQ.


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I agree with David's points above, a one-night stopover simply isn't worth it in this current environment. The old days, the pre-COVID days, absolutely it could be nice to break up the trip, stay at a hotel not too far from Changi and have dinner at that East Coast Lagoon food village. But these days you'd be better off just staying airside. But also check about the Maldives as a VTL destination and if you are allowed to do a QF to SQ connection for that, I think if possible it would be better just to do SQ all the way.


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I'm in a similar situation. I booked a return flight from Singapore to Munich with Turkish Airlines. And then booked another Qantas flights with points to get me to Singapore. I remember years ago that there was a transfer desk airside, where someone picked up your bag and checked it in to your next flight, even if it was on a separate booking, with no interlining (I could be wrong). To be on the safe side, I cancelled my QF booking and booked the Sydney to Singapore part with Singapore Airlines instead, as they interline with Turkish (both Star Alliance).

To complicate it further… Turkish Airlines have now cancelled my IST-SIN leg, with the option to fly a day earlier or a day later. If I go earlier, I would need a night in Singapore, if later, I would miss my connection.

There is a direct flight from Munich to Singapore with Singapore Airlines, but I guess I can't get TK to put me on that one?

SYD-SIN with SQ is in economy, SIN-IST-MUC is with TK in business.

Sorry for hijacking your thread. But keen to know how your transiting will go in January. My flights are in February.


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Similar situation : usually early Melbourne to Singapore flight then 11am flight to Krabi !

Looks like this is impossible because not the same booking as the Krabi flight is with Scoot a different airline

Really do not want a stopover in Singapore

Look forward to comments



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The Singapore stopover is dead for the foreseeable future. It's not worth the hassle, uncertainty and cost. Even transit through SIN is tricky with multiple (often conflicting) rules on allowed origin/destination, approved airlines and itineraries, VTL status (whatever that means now with omicron), and transit thru terminals.


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Gave up - rebooked the whole trip with SQ, no choice in the matter given recent govt changes

Any tips on wait time for Sydney pre departure tests? Situation seems to be a debacle.


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We had to queue for about 15-20 minutes at Sydney airport; they were only doing pre-departure tests for people who were flying internationally the same day. Then after the test it took exactly 55 minutes for the results to come back.

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