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Ever since I got my first eSim-capable smartphone (iPhone XR), it has been a game changer for travel without the dreaded sim card roulette.

eSim is a digital sim that sits virtually alongside your physical/plastic sim card. iPhone have had the eSim functionality since the X series; Google Pixel 2 onwards, and several Samsung models.

While you can continue to use the Aussie network sim while traveling with global roaming, an eSim is a software download that activates a dual sim network. Usually these are data plans only and available in a variety of sizes and budgets. You can use the data for all your apps and it allow calls through WhatsApp, Signal and other calling apps.

Once you buy the eSim plan, a QR code will allow installation of the eSim on your phone, which is then activated on arrival at the destination country. I've tried a few of these and have had good reception in Europe, US, Japan, Turkey and Malaysia - including with Airalo and GigSky.

Good resources on available plans at esimdb.com

It certainly saves the hassle of physical sim cards and works out much cheaper than global roaming.

(BTW, I have no affiliation or interests with any of these companies).


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Hi Dragonfly, thanks for sharing that info. They've definitely made life easier for travellers.


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Does the e-sim allow you to maintain your Australian number whilst overseas without the roaming charge?



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The eSim is in parallel with your Australian physical sim and has no effect on it. So you can choose to turn off the Aussie sim, or keep it on for calls and SMS only. Most eSim only give you data, which is pretty much all I need on leisure trips. However, I noticed that my eSim in Thailand also gave me a Thai mobile number to make and receive calls.

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