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Having read the below, and living in WA it seems I won't be eligible for a Status Extension from Qantas as my membership falls due in last half of the year i.e. post June 2022. If WA opens up, I'll have 5 months to cram in 12 months worth of flying time. Has anyone else looked into this?

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I had reason to speak with the QF VIP Team about a month ago, and raised this very issue. Given the lack of international destinations that Qantas is flying to these days, it makes it very difficult for those who have an status anniversary in late 2022 to do enough flying to maintain their Status. The response was a non-committal: "Yes, we are aware of that issue".

The Qantas website had this earlier announcement in August 2021:

Will Qantas provide any additional status support for members beyond July 2022?
While our current support is for members with a status end date up to 30 June 2022, we are always looking at ways we can help support members during these challenging times. Depending on how long travel restrictions continue, we will update members closer to the time if we extend our support further.

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Fingers- and toes-crossed that Qantas turns this 'awareness of this issue' into a concrete action. One can only hope.

Trying to fly other Oneworld alliance is almost impossible given their ridiculous routing for Asian destinations and skeletal schedule.

I have been spending a lot more money on Singapore Airlines since 2021 simply because it is the only airline that has the most direct routes to Asia from Australia. Qantas flight to Singapore is just not good enough for its limited connections in Singapore.

Switching loyalty is always on the table if circumstances call for it, I suppose.

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