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Hi all, im in a bit of a unique situation here. Im QFF platinum for many years and received the extensions for the 2020 and 2021 which I couldn't use. I need to book one flight before my anniversary date of 31st Jan 2022 otherwise I loose platinum. 90+% of my travel is international which as we know has been impossible, im based in QLD and have not been able to even travel domestically until 17th Dec 2021.

What are my chances of an extension if I call the platinum line? Im hoping my international travel will start in Q2 once the USA and Europe settle down (fingers crossed)


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In my experience QF seem to have a ‘computer says no’ approach to the individual circumstances of FFs. Give it a shot, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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I would just book a one flight if that's all you need to retain platinum? Easy domestic too somewhere.


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book the cheapest flight you can in the future and don't fly. Worked on my wife's platinum card in October which got renewed for a flight from Tassie to MEL during lockdown I booked but she never flew on.


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Currently there is a sale for certain destinations, a quick glance MEL-Launceston is $70 (you probably need to play with the dates to get that price and also need to look at qualifying flight dates to fulfill status extension requirement ) but it is probably the cheapest way to maintain your status without any intention of flying so it doesn't matter where you are. It's far better than having to make a booking now for international flight later in the year just to maintain the status and with any luck your sacrificial $70 domestic flight may even get canceled or rebooked close to the fly date and you can get a refund or credit to be used later (on any future QF payment) with no effect on your extension

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If you had booked a flight to Perth for Feb 5 onwards (well within the next month or two after that) at a day of the week and time that isn't currently being flown then it likely would have been cancelled or moved to another flight enabling you to ask QF to get a refund or a credit and qualify for an extension. The WA Premier announced that they won't reopen on Feb 5 so presumably many flights to/from PER that were scheduled won't be able to go ahead.


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Does a classic rewards booking count? can i book a flight on points alone and still qualify for an extension?

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