What happens to partner award flights if Cathay folds?

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After reading the increasing doom & gloom regarding the future of Cathay Pacific, I am starting to worry about a number of future award tickets I have booked for the family. If Cathay folded then we would obviously lose any future award flights we have booked on Cathay, but what about award flights that have been booked on other One World airlines (using Cathay Asia Miles)? Does anyone have any idea whether these would be honored by One world partners?


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It probably depends on whether Asia Miles goes down with Cathay Pacific or if oneworld decides to honour the tickets for goodwill purposes.

My search on what happened to Topbonus after it and Air Berlin became insolvent suggests that oneworld tickets were initially honoured but this arrangment only lasted a few short months.


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You will soon find out in April when the cash runs out. Once CX is merged with Air China they will simply tell you to set up a new account with them and start all over again.

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