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I booked a flex fare Sydney > Wagga flight during double status week: I flew it on Saturday morning and I’ve logged into my QFF account and have noticed that I’ve only got the normal 20 status credits for the flight. My question is, should the double status credits show up straight away or does it take some time? If it should be there what do I do to claim them and if it takes time how long? FYI I did register for double status.

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Same here, 7 and 9 days later for my 2 flights, nothing yet.


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The terms and conditions says 8 weeks so you probably just have to wait.

"Double Qantas Points and double Status Credits will be credited to your account from 8 weeks after travel"


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In recent promos it usually takes about a couple of days, except for the first batch at the start of the promo which always takes longer. Hopefully it won't be too long before they start processing DSC.


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Has anyone received credits from this current promo yet? Aside from waiting for double SC for a travelpass booked itinerary and a jetstar flight I'm now waiting on Double SCs from flights taken very near to the start of this promo.


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I flew on the first day of the new promo and am still waiting. Apparently they changed the terms to crediting “from 8 weeks”. Past experience would suggest that after the first batch is processed subsequent DSCs for later trips will come through much faster. Hopefully the first batch will be processed soon.

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