Delta adds business class 'sleep suit' pyjamas to Sydney flights

By David Flynn, December 16 2015
Delta adds business class 'sleep suit' pyjamas to Sydney flights

IN BRIEF | Delta is the latest of the American airlines to seemingly discover the joys of business class pyjamas, with the Virgin Australia partner now offering what it terms 'in-flight loungewear' to passengers in its Delta One class on flights between Los Angeles and Sydney.

The light grey cotton kit will also appear on all Delta flights between the US and China (Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai) from March 2016.

American Airlines will also hand out business class PJs on its new flight between Sydney and Los Angeles – a creature comfort previously reserved for the airline's first class travellers...

... while United Airlines is also likely to add 'sleep suits' to its international business class, ahead of the debut of new business class seats on the airline's forthcoming Boeing 777-300ER jets from late 2016.

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You begin to wonder the kind of margins airlines make on the US/AU sectors, when they start falling over themselves to out do a new entrant.

We're talking massive supernormal profits here I suspect.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Jan 2012

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American Airlines introduct PJ's because Qantas have them.

Delta introduces PJ's because American Airlines are about too.

Why didn't Delta introduce them earlier as I believe their partner on the route Virgin Australia have had them for quite some time.

Next will be United......because everyone else has them.

When the fuel jumps back up again in the future.....the US airlines will scale this back again.

I think this is great. The US airlines may be carping about the Middle East Three but the competition, even on a route where the ME3 have zero effect on them, is making them up their game.

I hope American and Delta continue expanding the availability of pyjamas. I hope United improves their product as well.

Delta Air Lines - SkyMiles

11 Sep 2015

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I am surprised by the comments about margins.   Any 4-6 year old kid in China, Thailand, Malaysia or Vietname can sew up a set of these in a just a few minutes for probably under USD$5-6 all-in.

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