Delta Airlines installs 'recharge stations' at boarding gates in US airports

By Bill Bennett, December 13 2010

The days of boarding a plane with a dead laptop, tablet or mobile phone battery could soon be at an end – at least for US passengers travelling on Delta Airlines.

The American carrier is installing recharging stations at each of its gates at 19 US airports and adding more power outlets near the gates. The power services are provided free of charge to Delta customers.

Each Delta gate will offer two recharging stations, each with six US-standard 110 volt outlets (so BYO adaptor) as well as two USB ports for topping up your smartphone or iPad.

Delta is also installing charging pads for phones and other devices in its Sky Club lounges, which it says will be in place by early 2011.

If you're looking for any handy powerpoint to plug your laptop or other device into, Australian Business Traveller suggests you make Jeff Sandquist’s AirPower Wiki your first port of call.

This lists US and international airports (albeit with a stateside bias), their airport codes and the charging facilities available. In some cases the information is surprisingly detailed.

For example, the section on Melbourne Airport advises “Hudson's Coffee shop at Gate 4 has a single spare point on the 3rd table (the one next to the gray pillar. Socket is on the pillar)”.

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