Emirates opens second First Class lounge in Dubai

By David Flynn, August 9 2011
Emirates opens second First Class lounge in Dubai

Most world-class airlines offer a flagship first class lounge at their home airport, but Emirates now boasts a second first class lounge at Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3.

Located at Concourse 1 in front of the Business Class Lounge, the lounge offers first class passengers and top-tier Skywards members (including those in the so-exclusive-we-don't-talk-about-it 'Invitation Only' IO level) the same comforts as Emirates' award-winning first class lounge in Concourse 2.

This includes a 'quiet zone' with eight recliners, plush leather armchairs, showers and a smoking area for grabbing that last pre-flight puff.

Two dining areas with both formal and informal seating offer a la carte service from an extensive menu of complimentary hot and cold gourmet dishes, accompanied by a full bar service.

The design is refreshingly light on the bling, with quality touches such as Italian marble flooring and high-quality leather sourced from Europe, although there's no getting away from the gold-plated Rolex wall clocks.

"The opening of the new Emirates First Class Lounge allows us to provide our customers with a consistent, high-quality Emirates experience both on the ground and in the air,” said Mohammed H. Mattar, Divisional Senior Vice President, Emirates Airport Services, "starting from their exclusive chauffeur drive airport transfer and dedicated airport check-in counters, to luxurious lounge facilities and then our award-winning service onboard."


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23 Aug 2011

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EK need to upgade their J lounges at DXB airport, they are dreadful, crowded - it is like being in a zoo at times. Difficult to get a shower and their food is very average. I am over DXB and in future will try and avoid it. EK have to watch their home base or they will start to lose premium pax..

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