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By Chris C., August 3 2017
EVA Air business class lounge, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport





Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)


Star Alliance





The Good
  • Funky, modern design
  • Private shower suites
  • Distinct, mood-based zones
The Bad
  • Painfully slow WiFi
  • No USB power outlets or Champagne
  • Flying with Thai Airways? You can use this lounge instead of the Thai Airways Royal Silk and Royal Orchid lounges


EVA Air's business class lounge at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport represents a great alternative to Thai Airways' own (and admittedly dated) business class lounges in the Thai capital, with groovy mood lighting to help you work or unwind, power points near almost every seat and a reasonable buffet of both hot and cold food.

As both EVA Air and Thai Airways are members of the Star Alliance family, business class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members travelling with one airline are free to use the business class lounge of the other airline – so if you're flying with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Australia, you don't have to use a Thai Airways lounge: you can visit the EVA Air lounge instead, or indeed, the nearby Singapore Airlines lounge.

On Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, EVA Air's lounge is open from 6:30am until 2:30am the following morning, while on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the lounge opens from 6:30am until 3:30am the next day: catering for the majority of Thai Airways flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, except for the earliest morning departures.

Australian Business Traveller stopped by before Thai Airways' midnight flight to Brisbane to bring you this review.

Location & Impressions

You'll find EVA Air's Bangkok lounge on the third floor of Concourse F: just keep your eyes out for the colourful lights at the entrance:

Once inside, you'll discover a space that makes significant use of mood lighting and colour effects to create an exciting atmosphere:

Those lights range from funky pinks and purples to coordinate with the orchids on display...

... through to more solid lines acting to separate the open space and a distinct 'lounge room' zone...

... and pool-like blues down the far end of the lounge for relaxation.

Some decorations within the lounge also illuminate and change colour...

... while other lighting patterns create the optical illusion of a tunnel within a wall that's actually quite slim:

However, despite these up-close shots – which can make the lounge appear too well-lit or somewhat like a nightclub – the lighting effects here aren't excessive or over-done, being a natural part of the lounge's overall feel when the space is seen as a whole:

We also like the design structure of this lounge. The further you wander inside, the more relaxing the furniture and lighting becomes, so you can choose your seat based on your mood.


  • Business class and first class passengers of Star Alliance carriers EVA Air, Thai Airways, Air China, Air India, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, SWISS and Turkish Airlines
  • EVA Air Infinity MileageLands Gold and Diamond members prior to Star Alliance flights
  • Other Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers departing on Star Alliance flights
  • EVA Air Infinity MileageLands SIlver cardholders prior to EVA Air flights only
  • Paid lounge members of Air Canada Maple Leaf Club (Worldwide plan only) and United Club, before Star Alliance flights
  • Selected American Express and Cathay United Bank cardholders when flying with EVA Air only, who present their EVA Air Co-Brand Card, Supreme Infinite Card, AMEX EVA Air Gold Charge card or AMEX EVA Air Platinum Charge Card

As such, passengers with Australian AMEX Platinum or Gold Charge Cards do not receive complimentary access, being a perk reserved for cards issued in Taiwan which also display the EVA Air logo on the card face.


Help yourself to a meal or snack from the buffet corner, located near the centre of the lounge.

Among the selections: pork bao, prawn dumplings...

... individual servings of Pad Thai, Thai stir-fried pork with basil and rice...

... plus a tasty BBQ chicken pizza, pork sausage, chicken and ham pies, mushroom pies and banana tarts...

... and lighter options including fruit and finger sandwiches.

At the other end of the buffet, salads, juice and ready-to-drink coconuts, along with Magnum ice creams for dessert...

... and a small range of alcohol, including spirits, wine (one red, one white) and a Heineken beer tap:

Espresso coffee is available but is machine-made, rather than hand-crafted as you'd find in Singapore Airlines' Bangkok lounge, although Champagne is absent: as is any form of sparkling wine.


Over by reception is a small business nook with three computers at the ready...

... while the lounge is blanketed by free WiFi. Incredibly slow WiFi, for that matter, with downloads measuring at 2.87Mbps and uploads at 0.96Mbps during our visit, even with only three travellers in the lounge at the time, ourselves included.

That doesn't bode well for the lounge's busier periods, let alone when a mere 10 or 20 people are enjoying the space.

On the upside, AC power points are plentiful and accessible from most of the seats, being built into cocktail tables and benches...

... into the floor near other seats (just lift the metal flap)...

... and even incorporated into the cocktail tables in the 'lounge room', which we nearly missed and located by accident, as the table surface obstructs your view of these from above when sitting upright.

USB power outlets are absent, and you'll need to dig out your international adaptor to charge Australian devices.


Despite its easy-to-miss power points, that central lounge room is a great place to unwind before a long flight to Australia or even a short hop across Asia...

... or, venture 'next door' to the colourful relaxation zone...

... with plenty of sociable chairs, and some less-so over in the far corner:

For shorter stays, similar seats and TV screens can also be found nearby reception...

... as can a range of reading material in a variety of languages, including English...

... and two massage chairs, which you can enjoy in privacy after reversing the green 'vacant' sign:

Two unisex shower suites are also available – just ask reception for a key or to make a booking when both are busy...

... and once inside, you'll find towels and all the amenities you'd need:

All things considered, we love the overall vibe in EVA Air's Bangkok lounge along with the creative use of lighting, the plethora of AC power points, the varied buffet spread and the modern shower suites – all of which trump Thai Airways' own business class lounges at the same airport.

However, slow Internet speeds, a lack of USB power outlets and a relatively limited and self-served bar selection could make the Singapore Airlines SIlverKris Lounge a more attractive choice for some, being open to almost all of the same travellers as this lounge welcomes.

But even so, this remains a very respectable international lounge and a great option to keep in your back pocket when flying home (or onward) with Thai Airways, or with any other Star Alliance airline.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

Total posts 335

Greta lounge Much nicer than the TG lounges!!!! Few times Ive been in its been empty  -it is a long schlepp from the TG lougnes so plan for a 20 minute brisk walk 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

21 Aug 2013

Total posts 139

I love it, don't get me wrong (and will definitely visit when we're there in December flying TG, then OS in J), but it has a slight 'pokies vibe' about it, does it not?


Emirates Airlines - Skywards

30 Nov 2015

Total posts 732

Yes, it's gaudy.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

03 Aug 2017

Total posts 2

Yes, gaudy but very built.. and the food is excellent!

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

17 Feb 2016

Total posts 46

Thanks for the comprehensive review Chris . 

If you get a chance your readers may be interested in a review of EVA's Hello Kitty themed check in and gate lounge facilities at TPE. 
10/10 for sponsorship activation ..even the boarding pass and IFE are themed!  

31 Dec 2014

Total posts 44

It's pretty funky - more like a nightclub than a pokie lounge. I was there last month - they also have a selection of ice creams (such as magnums) - not as good as the SQ lounge and it's further away from most gates. I didn't last long here.

13 Feb 2017

Total posts 21

To my surprise, Eva Air has become my first choice carrier from Brisbane to London Heathrow, replacing Singapore Airlines.

The Business Class hard product is massively superior to the other carriers, and the service and catering are exquisite.

But weirdly - and it is VERY weird - the extra (Third) sector Taipei-Bangkok and vice versa means that you get your final sleep on board in a more appropriate time zone, so you get significantly less jet-lagged flying 2-stop on EVA than flying 1-stop on EK (QF) or SQ.

Mind you, the same is true across the Pacific. Non-stop on QF or VA gets you in to LAX exhausted at 7 am, after no sleep because it's only just midnight at home. Whereas NZ arrive at 1pm, but effectively at 6am AET, so you get adequate sleep.

I used to be seduced by the most direct route. But I'd take the extra stop on EVA to Europe or NZ to America every single time.

04 May 2016

Total posts 34

EVA's lounge is the best *A lounge in BKK IMHO. But with such a huge terminal, you have to choose your alternative to TG's plentiful but awful lounges based on which end of the terminal you're flying from: SQ's at one end and EVA's at the other (assuming they are open at your flight's time). TG's food offerings in particular are dreadful; SQ / EVA's not too bad.

04 May 2016

Total posts 34

UPDATE: It looks like the new version of SQ's lounge has moved to D concourse, closer to EVA's lounge. When I last used it, it was at the opposite end of the terminal. Now they are both towards the same end it seems.

Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer

02 Nov 2017

Total posts 7

On my way to LHR on BR67, I just tried this and the SQ lounge back-to-back. Obviously since last August this little secret has got out because there are a load of people in here. Having said that the wifi seems perfectly fine and I couldn't resist a Magnum bar. Downside is this place looks more like a nightclub or a go-go bar than a lounge, and the lighting is giving me a headache. By contrast SQ is refined but still colourful and attractive-looking, a better place to nest with a laptop and their coffee is the absolute best.

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