• I recall FinAir used to do this on their late night long haul flights out of Helsinki . There was a really nice restaurant you went to and had what you wanted then jumped on an MD 11 and straight to sleep. Even QF's Sleeper Service just isn't quick enough and it really kills sleep time on the sho...

  • I'm guessing the actual 'lifetime' of the Platinum lifer will be relatively short once they actually get there !

  • How about some WiFi?EK,SG,UA etc. etc. have been offering it for literally years...surly not too much to ask or will it be turned off the moment the aircraft crosses the coastline..Am I being unrealistic ? Judging by their current reluctance / inability to roll it out to international travellers ...

  • Feb 22, 2019, 03:43 AM

    I get lots of emails from Qantas with various offers including the annoying health insurances ones.. but I can't find one promoting this offer....was it only sent to certain customers? Pretty sure I subscribe to all of the emails etc..

  • When was the last time these cards worked at Sydney for the final Quarantine exit lines...I've literally not seen a separate express line there for years. I've stopped accepting them now.

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  • From memory there's not a heap of spare space in the Syd lounge esp during morning peak hence opening up under the escalators. I'm sure they have done the numbers though and will roll out smaller chairs and more of them.

  • @ausbt as this is an issues for many readers can you use your extensive contacts within QF to get an explanation or at least try this yourselves and report back- please. I've been trying to 20% off of Syd-Per and no joy there either..Thanks in advance

  • Typo on QFF May points balance email

    May 15, 2019, 12:56 PM

    I've just re qualified for Platinum with 1235 SC and about 2 weeks to spare and today received an email with my May points balance sating my status was now Bronze and inviting me to apply for a Bronze travel money card..I've been on hold to the member centre for around 15 mins. I'm hoping this is...

  • I think the layout on some of UA's 737s on domestic routes across the US is good.Boeing provide the plumbing for an economy loo on the left hand side at about row 6 /7.So J pax still get exclusive access to their dunny and economy has the luxury of 1 forward and 2 aft to choose from. I'm guessing...

  • OK, I've booked it and will repot back...Connections look reasonable so hopefully it'll all run smoothly..

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