Fiji Airways: yes to Qantas codeshare but no to Star Alliance, SkyTeam, oneworld

By David Flynn, December 19 2013
Fiji Airways: yes to Qantas codeshare but no to Star Alliance, SkyTeam, oneworld

Fiji Airways is looking to expand its partnership with Qantas to include codeshared flights, but sees no value in joining any of the airline alliance familes such as oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam.

Qantas holds a 46 per cent stake in the Fijian carrier and the two airlines currently operate a basic interline agreement for bookings and baggage handling, along with frequent flyer partnership and reciprocal lounge access.

Fiji Airways CEO Stefan Pichler recently met with Qantas executives in Sydney for what he describes as "a very constructive meeting... hopefully this will lead to an enhanced partnership between Qantas and ourselves".

"They interline with us at the moment but we’d like to enhance that" Pichler told Australian Business Traveller. "What we have to do is look at the partnership, at where can we get additional benefits (and) explore the full potential of that partnership."

But while the former senior executive at Virgin Blue and V Australia chairman has warm feelings for the Flying Kangaroo, he's giving airline alliances the cold shoulder.

"I don't believe in any of these alliances" Pichler said. "I was part of a Star Alliance team in Lufthansa, it was a good solution in the '90s, but now you have to choose partnerships which fit your network (through) codeshare and interline agreements".

Having last year transformed itself from Air Pacific, Fiji Airways is now continuing its ambitious rebranding campaign with the debut of Fiji Link – a new name for the airline's domestic and regional arm currently known as Pacific Sun.

Fiji Link will take delivery of a new ATR-72 turbo-prop aircraft in May next year, Pichler says, which will allow Fiji AIrways to commence direct flights between Sydney and Suva, the island-nation's capital city by freeing up a Boeing 737-700 for this route.

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Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards platnium

30 Nov 2013

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I LOVE what i see! As i am qantas gold but i am also virgin platnium

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 May 2011

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I am continuously impressed with what I see transforming in front of my eyes with Fiji Airways. They really have clear direction and are doing so well.

20 Oct 2011

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I don't think the ATR will run Sydney to Suva, that's an awful long way at 240 knots. 

More like a 737-700 route. 

24 Oct 2010

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Hi Daniel – Sydney-Suva will be 737-800, the new ATR-72 is going onto Suva-Samoa, and that will free up the 737 for Sydney-Suva. I've edited the article above to make that a bit (a lot!) clearer :)

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Jul 2011

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Interesting. Wonder if this new leadership means a strengthening of the broader relationship with QF (given despite shareholding I understand QF no longer has anyone on the board).

I tend to agree that for a small airline in a single country they probably gain more with carefully selected partners, versus being in an alliance (as much of those already with elite status in those alliances dont like it)

07 Aug 2012

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QF have for some time reportedly wanted to offload their stake in FJ. With the recent review of all of QF's assets then maybe QF will take whatever they can get by selling FJ?

FJ no longer serves much purpose for QF as they have JQ that can fly to NAN at lower cost than QF could. FJ made more sense prior to JQ operating to the Pacific Islands.


04 Nov 2010

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Madge: Fiji Airways is mosty owned by the Fiji Govt and Qantas, and not running at a profit, I'm not sure if anybody would pay anything even halfway decent for the Qantas share.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

07 May 2012

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Qantas code shares on services from NZ, SYD, BNE, MEL, LAX, HNL to Fiji.


20 Dec 2013

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Really hope this run is a commercial success.  The 3 hour+ Suva - Nadi drive combined with the totally different traveller demographic NAN - SYD makes the trip  an ordeal for frequent business travellers.    

The combative and paranoid nature of the previous ceo had resulted in a strained relationship between Fiji Airways and Qantas. And pretty much every other business partner. The new ceo now has the task of reinvigorating the relationships that were discared by his predecessor. 

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