• I call bull on most of those. Sydney and Auckland would be continuations of existing flights (ie HKG) so would not require another Heathrow slot. Most of the rest is highly aspirational. Like me picking out the colour of my 4th Tesla, assuming I'll win a lottery.

  • VA would like to begin a composite MEL/SYD roster on the route, ie 4 SYD and 3 MEL per week. Weird that QF says they want both slots for SYD and MEL to HND... leaving QF61 the only flight to NRT (where they have a lounge)??Expect to see a VA/NH Tie up if approved.

  • I don't see it as the end for the HKG service. If it stands up to funnel PRC traffic onto the (many) HNA group airlines through HKG and whisk them around Aus while they're here, HNA doesn't need to be an owner.

  • but MEL-HKG taking a hit. Back to 5 per week with less appealing timeslots.

  • So no new aircraft until Nov 2019? And even a decrease in fleet as 1 older 738 replaces 2 Tigerair A320s? I feel I'm missing a piece of the puzzle.

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