How to merge your Marriott, Starwood Preferred Guest accounts

By Chris C., August 22 2018
How to merge your Marriott, Starwood Preferred Guest accounts

As the merger between Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards continues to roll out, members can now combine their hotel loyalty memberships into one account: pooling together all their nights and points into a single program.

That’s handy when it comes time to spend those points, as they’ll all be in the one place, with benefits for regular travellers as well – by combining all the ‘nights’ earned across the three programs, members may find themselves climbing to a new elite level, enjoying the benefits of tier status for the first time, or being closer to unlocking valuable lifetime status.

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Merging your accounts only takes a couple of minutes – here’s how it’s done.

Combining your Marriott, Starwood Preferred Guest accounts

Get things started by visiting the ‘connect my account’ page of the Marriott Rewards website, and login to your Marriott Rewards account. (If you don’t already have a Marriott Rewards membership, you’ll need to create one first.)

Then, sign into your SPG account, and you’ll see a screen like this:

Don’t worry if the count of “lifetime nights” is incorrect – it corrects itself later, but do check that your points balances are as they should be. Continue the process…

… and before long, the key features of your accounts will be combined, and at this point, your “lifetime nights” tally should sync up:

You’ll finish the process by receiving your new loyalty membership number, which may be different to your current Marriott Rewards or SPG number, and is what you’ll use when staying at all Marriott, Starwood or Ritz-Carlton hotels from now on.

Within a few days, your hotel stay history should also become merged into the same account: you don’t need to do anything extra, as it’ll happen automatically behind the scenes.

That’s all there is to it! If you’ve climbed to a new elite level as a result of the change, you’ll be notified of your new benefits – otherwise, with everything now combined, all your points and stays across the entire Marriott portfolio can now be credited to your new, single account.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Jan 2015

Total posts 70

Did this today and worked great. All my upcoming reservations were on the SPG updated platform from last weekend and took a couple of hours to appear in my exisiting Marriott Rewards.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

06 Nov 2014

Total posts 357

I was temporarily upgraded to Marriott platinum that made me happy for about 48hrs. I wanted to merge the account at the time hoping to get SPG to platinum too but couldn't do it.

Now back to lowly gold :(

23 Feb 2015

Total posts 261

I haven’t been able to do this as I have different first names in the two programs (Steve v longer version) which, despite me logging into both, causes an automatic fail.

Both systems are also so inflexible that I can’t update my first name in either without calling a help centre (which, from experience with both, in itself is a massive pain).

Surely the ability to log in to both and a consistent phone number and email should be enough? A number of my female colleagues have also encountered this issue as they have their maiden name in one program (and haven’t updated due to the admin involved) and married name in the other.

While it might be easy in 70% of cases (and 95%+ of male cases), they’ve done a very poor job in my view.

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