Jerry Seinfeld on airline food, travel and more

By David Flynn, January 8 2014
Jerry Seinfeld on airline food, travel and more

US comedian Jerry Seinfield says he loves to fly but remains puzzled by the food that airlines serve.

"I've always liked airline travel. I think anytime you get to leave earth, it's pretty special" he said during an online Q&A session with Reddit.

But airline food..? Not so much.

"The deal with airline food is they, everything is miniaturised, as if we're in Gulliver's Travels."

"I used to do a bit about the tiny airline world, about how everything is miniaturised" Seinfeld says.

"There's always a short delay, a little problem, we're going to be a tiny bit late."

If you're a fan of Seinfeld, the Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' session makes a great read, including Seinfeld's reflection on the show's funniest and often unscripted moments, his co-stars and why comedy is a serious business. Click through to Reddit for the lot.

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Slow news day, huh?


04 Nov 2010

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Maybe you'd like to start writing news stories for AusBT Hugo? Personally I enjoy fun little bits like this.

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07 Jan 2014

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Reminds me of the great stand up routine about airports and flying

01 Feb 2012

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What I find amusing is that I read through all of Seinfeld's answers and I couldn't the quote in this article. David must have read it with a fine tooth comb to find something travel related! :)

Loved the AMA.

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Reddit doesn't show all comments by default, you need to click a few buttons to see more than the top X-hundred. And I used the 'Search' button for 'travel' and 'airlines' :)

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