• My experience is the complete opposite GBRGB. Always found my dealings with Accor to be above and beyond expectation. 

  • Rex is in a bit of a recruitment drive at the moment, so it will be new employees already qualified for 737 duty.  https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/search/?f_C=1690475&geoId=92000000 

  • "You can also buy extra hours in advance or while you're in the lounge – if your flight's delayed and you want to stay longer for example." .. anyone else think that is just adding insult to injury? If I had something out of my control, like a flight delay, mean I went over, I sure as heck...

  • I still rate TripCase for up to date flight info (and trip consolidation). Often I get alerted about changes well before the airline notifies me.

  • Can someone confirm my interpretation of this is correct?Post 1 November you will still earn Velocity points and status points on AUS-NZ and domestic flights operated by Air NZ, but not other flights. 

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