BA spikes Sydney flights until at least October 2020

Don't expect to see British Airways return to Australian skies until 2021...

By David Flynn, July 29 2020
BA spikes Sydney flights until at least October 2020

British Airways has officially scrubbed Sydney from its schedule until the end of October – and with no sign that Australia's international travel ban and mandatory two-week quarantine for all arriving passengers will be lifted in the next few months, it could well be 2021 until BA's daily Sydney-Singapore-London service bounces back.

The flights have been out of action since early April, after Australia introduced compulsory hotel quarantine while Singapore closed its own borders and banned transit passengers at Changi Airport.

BA still runs BA15/BA16 but only between London and Singapore, and primarily for the benefit of ex-pats and others who are permitted to enter Singapore as either residents or long-term pass holders.

The Singapore-Sydney leg of BA1/BA16 has been removed from the airline's schedules through to October 24, which marks the cut-over to the Northern Winter 2020 airline schedule period as defined by the International Air Transport Association.

Although transits are now permitted at Changi Airport, they're limited to destinations in a handful of countries – including Australia, New Zealand, China,  Japan and South Korea – with transit passengers kept seperate from other travellers.

On arrival at Changi, transit passengers are issued with a wristband to identify them as in-transit and escorted to special 'transit holding area' lounges set up with food kiosks, vending machines, restrooms, a smoking room and a snooze corner, plus free WiFi.


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it now seems Sept/Oct maybe start dates for unrestricted international flights to many destinations.

The big thing stopping unrestricted flights to NZ without any quarantine, seems to be the NZ election on Sept 19. No reason there couldn't flights to NZ now, with possible exception of from Victoria.


09 May 2020

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You may have to qualify what you meant by “unrestricted international flights to many destinations”

Rules and preflight requirement applies to different people depending on their citizenship, place of origin and destination as well as “reason for travel”.

Certainly other than Australians in Australia, many other countries do not place a lot of restrictions on departing pax regardless of their nationality, but the way changes occur at short notices nowadays, people can get caught out while they are in the air (like Australia on arriving pax within 12 hrs of policy change in March/April and the more recent UK restrictions on travellers from Spain)

Mind you I do wish you are right in every way; I am sick (metaphorically) of constantly keeping updated on all the changes in interstate and international border control but suspect this is going to be the norm going into the next year.

24 Aug 2011

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At this stage, the Australian Government has given no indication that it will allow international borders to be opened on a state by state basis (it is questionable if such an action is even constitutional) so it is possible international borders will remain completely closed for some months to come.

in practice, international borders will remain shut until it is possible to purchase international travel insurance. Insurance companies still see the risk as unquantifiable so refuse to provide cover.


03 May 2013

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If they come back I hope it's on the A350 or an extension of the A380 singapore service.

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