BA leaves Gatwick, moves all London flights to Heathrow T5

A drop in demand sees British Airways consolidate all of it London flights at Heathrow Terminal 5.

By David Flynn, March 31 2020
BA leaves Gatwick, moves all London flights to Heathrow T5

British Airways is consolidating all of its London flights at Heathrow Terminal 5, with the airline pulling out of Terminal 3 over the weekend and suspending flights to and from London Gatwick as of Wednesday April 1.

The Oneworld member's remaining Heathrow Terminal 3 routes – most of which speared into Europe, along with a handful of longer-range routes – will now run from T5, where there's plenty of room due to overall reductions to the schedule, and a likelihood this could end up as a long-term if not permanent arrangement.

The Terminal 5C satellite wing was previously closed "until further notice", as are all of BA's lounges and the First Wing – premium passengers in BA first or business class, along with BAEC Silver and Gold members and their Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald equivalents, should head to Zone H (located near the First Wing) to check in.

BA flights from London Gatwick were already being pared back , with Jersey Airport advising that "due to the current situation BA Jersey/Gatwick services will be suspended as from Tuesday 31 March until end of April." Virgin Atlantic has already transferred all of its London flights to Heathrow.

Gatwick will shutter its North Terminal from Wednesday 1 April 2020, and shift all existing flights to the South Terminal. Last week saw London City airport close until the end of April at the earliest, following a decision by British Airways, which operated the lion's share  of London City flights, to suspended its services from the airport.

For flights to New York's JFK Airport, British Airways has also temporarily moved out of Terminal 7 – which were recently blessed with new BA lounges – and into Terminal 8, which it will share with Oneworld chums American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways.


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03 May 2013

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BA please use the down time to put together some sort of a lounge for premium pax at LCY! Tranisting there is a joke.

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05 Sep 2013

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Unlikely, they will want to save money as first priority.

05 Mar 2015

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Every airline right now is looking to save their money, not spend it. And nobody transits at London City, they just fly in and fly out. It's a very easy airport to get through and most passengers arrive not too far ahead of the flight, so the airport cafe generally does them fine. I think BA could consider some sort or a lounge, but maybe a bit more like a cafe-style lounge like the Air Canada one at Toronto rather than a conventional lounge with the buffet, bar and so on.

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