Qantas launches Supermoon Scenic Flight

The second and last supermoon for 2021 coincides with a full lunar eclipse for a double phenomenon best enjoyed above the clouds.

By David Flynn, May 11 2021
Qantas launches Supermoon Scenic Flight

“Fly Me to the Moon” could become Qantas’ temporary theme later this month when the airline launches a scenic flight with a difference: this flight will soar high above the clouds to give passengers an unparalleled view of the next supermoon event, which also coincides with a full lunar eclipse.

Departing from Sydney at 7.30pm on Wednesday May 26 – after canapés, drinks and entertainment in the Qantas lounge – the three-hour Qantas Supermoon Scenic Flight QF1250 will carry travellers aloft on a Boeing 787-9, with the Dreamliner’s oversized windows ideal for moon-gazing.

Following a flyover of Sydney Harbour dressed in her sparkling finest, the Boeing 787-9 will climb above any potential cloud cover and atmospheric pollution to 43,000 feet – the Dreamliner’s maximum cruising altitude – for a lunar showstopper in which the moon is expected to turn red against the night sky.

The total lunar eclipse will occur between 9.11pm and 9.25pm AEST, when the Moon is 357,462km from Earth.

Special guest on the Qantas Supermoon Scenic Flight will be CSIRO astronomer Dr Vanessa Moss (on Twitter as @CosmicPudding), who’ll work with the Qantas pilots to design an optimal flight path for the evening and also provide passengers with insights into supermoons “and all things space and astronomy.”

Qantas’ Boeing 787 Fleet Technical Manager Captain Alex Passerini will be behind the stick, and says he’s “super excited about the supermoon.”

“It’s just an incredible opportunity to get a little bit closer – the moon is 240,000 miles away but we'll be about 12km closer to it, at about 40,000 feet, just to marvel at the lunar eclipse from a special vantage point on our 787 with these beautiful big windows.”

“We think this flight has great appeal for anyone with a passion for astronomy, science, space photography, aviation or just keen to do something a little ‘out of this world’,” says Qantas Chief Customer Officer Stephanie Tully, who also teases inflight treats such as ‘cosmic cocktails and supermoon cakes’.

Qantas says that only 100 tickets on the 236-seat Boeing 787-9 will be sold when the Qantas Supermoon Scenic Flight goes on sale at noon (EST) this Wednesday May 12 at the following rates:

  • $499 for economy (earning 1,500 Qantas Points and 20 Status Credits)
  • $899 for premium economy (earning 2,500 Qantas Points and 40 Status Credits)
  • $1,499 for business (earning 4,000 Qantas Points and 80 Status Credits)

For more details, visit the Qantas Supermoon Scenic Flight page.

Qantas says its Supermoon Scenic Flight “will operate with net zero emissions, with 100% of emissions carbon offset.”

This is the latest in a string of special Qantas scenic flights, mystery flights and day trips, and Tully says the airline has “been absolutely overwhelmed with the popularity of our special flights.”

“The recent mystery flights sold out within 15 minutes with hundreds of people on waiting lists and they keep telling us they want more.”


David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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I did a couple of flights with Ansett on a B737 when Halley's Comet was visible. It was quite disappointing for most passengers as there was crowding around the windows to get a view. The cabin crew did try and manage the crowds so that all would get views but when there's a lot of passengers it was very difficult to get a decent view. Admittedly the B787 Dreamliner has large windows but I think the only passengers who will get good views will be Business Class and First Class passengers with window seats. It's also quite expensive for a 3hr. flight but I guess there will be quite a lot who will give this a go and I do hope that they do enjoy it . 

07 Jan 2016

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I wonder why Qantas only operates these scenic flights from Sydney ?

20 Oct 2015

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Qantas has operated scenic flights from Melbourne, Brisbane and even Canberra too. But I agree that they should have enough Boeing 787s and enough demand to also launch a scenic flight from Melbourne and even Brisbane, 100 seats per city wouldn't be a hard sell.

20 Oct 2015

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I'm going to try to grab a ticket for this when they go on sale, but word to the wise, do NOT select a seat in row 44 or 57 as those rows don't have a window!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 May 2018

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I'm jealous @ Gold4Life... as I'm in Brisbane. grrr With only 100 passengers there won't be any crowding at the windows. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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I should have read the article more closely as I missed reading the fact that only 100 tickets will be sold for each flight.

That completely allays my concerns that crowding would prevent many passengers from getting a good view.

Based on this then all should get a great view but it's still fairly expensive.

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