Virgin Australia flights to earn more Velocity points, status credits

Velocity Frequent Flyer members can soon earn 20% more Velocity points and up to 50% more status credits on Virgin and partners.

By Chris Chamberlin, January 24 2020
Virgin Australia flights to earn more Velocity points, status credits

Velocity is boosting the number of frequent flyer points and status credits earned on Virgin Australia international flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Los Angeles, as well as on codeshare services operated by eight of the program’s partner airlines including Delta, Etihad, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

The changes centre on making Virgin Australia’s semi-flexible Elevate fares more rewarding, with the number of Velocity frequent flyer points earned on these tickets increasing by 20%, and status credits bumped up by as much as 50%, depending on the journey.

Here’s what you need to know.

Virgin Australia flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo

In the Virgin Australia ranks, Elevate fares sit in between standard economy Getaway tickets and the fully-flexible Freedom fares: offering a little more wiggle room when plans change for an increased price, but without the higher cost as comes with full flexibility.

On Sydney-Hong Kong and Brisbane-Tokyo (Haneda) flights booked on or after January 23 2020 and flown from April 23 2020, the number of Velocity points earned on these fares rises by 20%, with your haul of status credits also nudging up by 15%.

Here’s what that looks like on return trips made by entry-level Velocity Red members, as well as for Velocity Platinum cardholders, factoring in the 100% points bonus given to these top-tier flyers.

Route vs status

Today (Red)

From April 23 (Red)

Today (Platinum)

From April 23 (Platinum)

Sydney-Hong Kong

4,585 points + 60 status credits

5,502 points + 70 status credits

9,170 points + 60 status credits

11,004 points + 70 status credits


4,414 points + 60 status credits

5,298 points + 70 status credits

8,828 points + 60 status credits

10,596 points + 70 status credits

However, as the revised earn rates only apply to new bookings made from January 23 2020, passengers with existing bookings ticketed prior to this date – even for travel beyond April 23 – will earn points and status credits as per the current rates.

Virgin Australia flights to Los Angeles

Mirroring the increase on flights to Hong Kong and Tokyo, Virgin Australia journeys to Los Angeles will also serve up 20% more points on Elevate tickets, with an approximate 12% boost to status credits.

These revised rates apply to new bookings made on or after January 23 2020 for flights departing on and from April 23 2020 – here’s how that shapes up per return trip:

Route vs status

Today (Red)

From April 23 (Red)

Today (Platinum)

From April 23 (Platinum)

Sydney-Los Angeles

7,495 points + 80 status credits

8,994 points + 90 status credits

14,990 points + 80 status credits

17,988 points + 90 status credits

Melbourne-Los Angeles

7,944 points + 80 status credits

9,532 points + 90 status credits

15,888 points + 80 status credits

19,064 points + 90 status credits

Brisbane-Los Angeles

7,170 points + 80 status credits

8,604 points + 90 status credits

14,340 points + 80 status credits

17,208 points + 90 status credits

Again, flights booked prior to January 23, including for travel after April 23, will earn Velocity points and status credits at today’s rates.

Virgin codeshare flights on partner airlines

Booking an Elevate fare on Virgin Australia codeshare flights operated by eight of its partner airlines – Alitalia, Delta, Etihad, Hainan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways and Virgin Atlantic – will also unlock more Velocity points and status credits.

Across the board, these tickets will again provide 20% more Velocity frequent flyer points than are earned today, plus 10 extra status credits per return trip regardless of the length of the journey, bringing the biggest wins for passengers taking lots of short flights, but gains for long-distance travellers too.

Here’s how that looks on a variety of Virgin Australia’s codeshare routes, based on a return journey.

Route vs status

Today (Red)

From April 23 (Red)

Today (Platinum)

From April 23 (Platinum)

Sydney-Singapore (Singapore Airlines)

3,912 points + 60 status credits

4,694 points + 70 status credits

7,824 points + 60 status credits

9,388 points + 70 status credits

Sydney-Los Angeles (Delta)

7,495 points + 80 status credits

8,994 points + 90 status credits

14,990 points + 80 status credits

17,988 points + 90 status credits

Melbourne-Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

7,245 points + 80 status credits

8,694 points + 90 status credits

14,490 points + 80 status credits

17,388 points + 90 status credits

Brisbane-Honolulu (Hawaiian)

4,697 points + 60 status credits

5,636 points + 70 status credits

9,394 points + 60 status credits

11,272 points + 70 status credits

Brisbane-Shenzhen (Hainan)

4,331 points + 60 status credits

5,197 points + 70 status credits

8,662 points + 60 status credits

10,394 points + 70 status credits

Perth-Johannesburg (South African)

5,177 points + 80 status credits

6,212 points + 90 status credits

10,354 points + 80 status credits

12,424 points + 90 status credits

Hong Kong- London (Virgin Atlantic)

5,970 points + 80 status credits

7,164 points + 90 status credits

11,940 points + 80 status credits

14,328 points + 90 status credits

Rome-Venice (Alitalia)

256 points + 20 status credits

307 points + 30 status credits

512 points + 20 status credits

614 points + 30 status credits

As with the other routes, these increased earning rates are given to passengers who book flights on and from January 23 2020 for travel from April 23 2020.

Passengers who’ve already booked Virgin Australia codeshare flights operated by partner airlines for travel after April 23 will earn Velocity points and status credits at today’s rates.

There's no change to earning rates on other Virgin Australia codeshare fare types, or when travelling with partner airlines on anything other than a VA flight number: such as with Singapore Airlines on an SQ-coded flight.

On long-range flights operated by Virgin Australia and on selected codeshare services operated by partner airlines, Virgin Australia is also introducing a new Economy Light fare from the same dates which earns fewer Velocity points and status credits than today’s lowest-level tickets, reflecting the lower price tag.

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Chris Chamberlin

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24 Aug 2011

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Quite generous really. In fact, one return Elevate fare to LAX along with a linked FlyBuys card and shopping at Coles over a year would be sufficient to achieve Silver status.

I equate Elevate fares with Qantas' Saver fares and the FF point and status earn is much more generous with VA than QF though comparing the benefit of each scheme does depend on what you want from them with Velocity better for domestic rewards and QFF probably better for international.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Aug 2011

Total posts 793

Not bad - a family of four going to LA - use family pooling to get one of the adults from nothing to Platinum in the single holiday.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

27 Sep 2017

Total posts 37

Still no news on your ability to upgrade your fare using Velocity points on key codeshare partner flights (excl. Delta on intra US flights)...

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Sep 2018

Total posts 150

Very welcome change indeed! I've always found it weird that Elevate fares don't earn more points or status credits compared to Getaway fares when I'm clearly paying much more. Now it makes more sense and it is quite generous. Much better than I was expecting. However, the new Economy Light fares are bad news for price sensitive consumers because they will almost certainly increase the price of the ticket overall.

01 Sep 2019

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I don't understand what will happen to freedom economy fares on the same route. Isn't a freedom economy fare from SYD to LAX only earning 80 SC?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

26 Jun 2011

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Correct. The table above is round trip. So SYD-LAX return = 160 Status Credits.

26 Jan 2020

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Glad to see points and status earn rates increasing on many Virgin Australia flights. However, Virgin failed to advertise that they recently decreased status earn rates when guests travel with partner airlines. I don't know how many flights this has impacted with which carriers. For me personally, it means that on a flight booked with Delta in their main cabin I will now receive only half as many status credits as I used to. Previously, all 'Main Cabin' fares earned double the status credits of any 'Basic Economy' fares. Now you have to book a refundable 'Main Cabin' fare to get the higher earn rate (which is significantly more expensive). This is disappointing to see from Virgin and if I had known this before booking I would have considered purchasing a 'Basic Economy' fare since it woukd earn the sane status anyway. I also suspect the points earn rate has decreased in the same way but did not check this before the changes occurred so I cannot be sure.


11 Jul 2014

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There are so many basic fixes like this VA can do for there customers;

LTG , LTP and P1

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