Qantas to use bigger planes as strike-breakers

By danwarne, September 16 2011
Qantas to use bigger planes as strike-breakers

UPDATE | Qantas will cancel almost 30 domestic flights for tomorrow, and has scheduled delayed departures for almost as many again, due to planned four-hour strikes by members of the Transport Workers Union during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

The airline has prepared a complete list of all cancelled and delayed flights, which can be downloaded as a PDF; passengers can also use the Flight Status took on to check on specific flights.

PREVIOUS | Qantas will use bigger planes on routes affected by strikes expected to kick in from this Tuesday onwards.

It says it has also ordered company managers to perform operational roles while the strike is in progress.

The Transport Workers Union says up to 3,800 staff will strike in the morning and afternoon peaks for up to four hours.

A further ban on "higher duties" such as paperwork and administration may disrupt flights for 48 hours from Tuesday September 20th.

“Qantas will publish an updated schedule in the coming days and contact any passenger who has been affected by the strike to make alternative travel arrangements," says Qantas' Olivia Wirth.

The airline says it will keep updated with the latest information on flight disruptions.

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