3,800 Qantas staff to strike from 20th September

By danwarne, September 14 2011
3,800 Qantas staff to strike from 20th September

UPDATE | Qantas will cancel almost 30 domestic flights for tomorrow, and has scheduled delayed departures for almost as many again, due to planned four-hour strikes by members of the Transport Workers Union during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

The airline has prepared a complete list of all cancelled and delayed flights, which can be downloaded as a PDF; passengers can also use the Flight Status took on Qantas.com.au to check on specific flights.

IN BRIEF | Up to 3,800 Qantas baggage handlers, ground staff, catering, freight and other transport employees will go on strike for four hours from 5am on Tuesday 20 September.

The union has also imposed work bans including refusal to perform higher duties and paperwork bans that could affect flights for a 48-hour period.

Qantas says the airline is assessing the impact the union-led strikes will have on airports around the country and domestic and international flights.

“Our priority is to the Australian travelling public and we are currently developing contingency plans to minimise disruptions to our customers as a result of the union’s action,” Qantas' Olivia Wirth says.

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