Star Alliance plans dedicated security screening queue at Sydney Airport

By Chris C., November 19 2014
Star Alliance plans dedicated security screening queue at Sydney Airport

IN BRIEF | Star Alliance Gold members could one day enjoy dedicated priority security screening lanes at Sydney International Airport, and at other airports across the country.

Mark Schwab, CEO of Star Alliance told The Australian that he hopes to have the facility available within two years, giving frequent travellers a fast-track to the gate whenever flying with a Star Alliance carrier.

Ten of Star’s 27 member airlines fly to Australia, including Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Air Canada and United, while Star Alliance Gold status is recognised by every airline in the alliance and already offers perks such as priority check-in, boarding and airport lounge access.

“We want to take the learnings from our Heathrow experience to other ports around the world,” Schwab said.

A number of Australian airports – including Sydney – already offer faster security clearance and immigration processing via the Express Path setup, which is offered to most business and first class passengers and top tier frequent flyers.

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VA Platinum

28 Apr 2013

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Isnt that what the express path invites are for?

21 Sep 2011

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Did you by any chance ask him if they were talking to VA about joining?

25 Feb 2013

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Hopfully this will wake VA corporate from the misinformed idea that their half-a***d 'custom' alliane doesn't cut the mustard. With Express Path prob doesn't mak much practical difference, but if VA elites can't access bennies every VA partner can use at the VA home airport, they'll have a revolt on their hands.

10 Sep 2012

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Yeah... They need to stop the cockamamie fiddle-farting and just get their arses into *A without any further delay.

I'm sure EY will cope.

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