• Very fancy! Looks like i'll have to visit haneda soon!

  • Isnt that what the express path invites are for?

  • First look: Lufthansa premium economy

    Oct 06, 2014, 11:47 PM

    These seats look familliar, they look like the one installed in the QF B712s that do the capital runs! 

  • Lufthansa's new premium economy seat

    Mar 06, 2014, 01:43 AM

    Come to think of it, those PE seats looks like those JCL seats installed on QF's new 717s. The table is strikingly similar, so is the cocktail table. one thing different from the QF 717 J seat versus the LH PE seat is the lack of inseat IFE on QF 717 replaced by the iPads.

  • Those PE seats look very alike the current QF PE seats, and some domestic/trans tasman business class seats on QF. Just that QF's PE has the previous generation remote controller stuck on the bottom of the centre console, and the TV unit stuck in the armrest though. QF's PE seat also lacks the d...

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  • Yes you can. 3 weeks ago on a Sri Lankan Economy ticket, i accessed the BA lounge and the QF lounge with my QF platinum status. Just leave some time to walk back to terminal 3 for your flight! :)

  • As a Gold or Platinum member, you can access any emirates lounge in the world. Note that your next flight must be on QF or EK metal.As for Qantas Club members, only access is granted in Dubai, where one must have an onward boarding pass bearing a Qantas code.

  • Well you could hop by the domestic lounge in T2 first, im very certain the staff would let you in based on these pointers:- Velocity Platinum- Same Day Travel on VAH- Business Class CoSAfter that you are welcome to make your way yourself to the international terminal, or get a bus voucher to the ...

  • You could do a lounge run in HKIA, if you have OW Sapphire/Emerald status that is. The Wing/Cabin/Pier/G16 lounges are youu's to explore, not forgetting the QF lounge too! You could easily spend 8 hours on lounge hopping! :)

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