Suitcase + scooter = Micro-Samsonite!

By David Flynn, October 24 2010
Suitcase + scooter = Micro-Samsonite!

Spend a bit too much time relaxing in the lounge or browsing the shops, then have to hot-foot it to the gate before a ‘personal boarding call’ comes over the PA?

This could be just the ticket. Samsonite introduced one of its cabin-sized hard shell cases to a portable scooter, served up a little wine, popped on a Barry White CD and let nature take its course. And here's the result...

The Micro-Samsonite Suitcase Scooter MMML0001 converts from a carry-on bag into a kickboard scooter with fold-out integrated running board and handlebars so you can cruise past your fellow flyers.

Samsonite insists this rather 007-ish contraption is permitted as hand luggage, although it’s probably not recommended for riding through crowded airports.

We spotted this at UK scooter specialists MicroScooter where they’re taking advance orders at £250 (A$400).

There is one distinct problem with it though: the empty bag weighs 5KG -- meaning you'd only have 2KG left for contents on Qantas and 5KG on the more generous airlines.



David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

25 Oct 2010

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LOL!  I can just see someone trying to use this thing at Sydney Airport - NOT! But it'd be a scream in HK or SIN with those long concourses!!

26 Oct 2010

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Wow, that looks fantastic- I bought one of the samsonite cosmolite carryons recently- very very light although a little small- but this looks even better

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