Sydney Airport's latest plan: add two more runways

By David Flynn, November 12 2012
Sydney Airport's latest plan: add two more runways

With continued disagreement between federal and state governments over the prospects of a second airport for Sydney, a decades-old plan to add two more runways to Sydney Airport is being reconsidered.

The two runways would be built on reclaimed land on the other side of Botany Bay, to the south of the current airport, with road and rail connections and a new terminal for domestic and international flights.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the plan has won the backing of NSW state treasurer Mike Baird as an alternative to continued stalling over Sydney's second airport.

"We should consider the proposal in detail" Baird reportedly told the Telegraph. "It would seem an opportunity to maximise existing infrastructure without impacting the curfew before new infrastructure is needed."

NSW Treasurer Mike Baird wants a closer look at adding more runways to Sydney Airport. The Daily Telegraph
NSW Treasurer Mike Baird wants a closer look at adding more runways to Sydney Airport
The Daily Telegraph

The ambitious expansion is costed at $5.2 billion, almost have the price tipped for building a new airport at either Badgery's Creek or Wilton, the two proposed sites for a second airport within the Sydney basin.

However, noted aviation journalist Ben Sandilands has been quick to point out "two very big problems" with adding any runways to Sydney Airport.

"No matter how many runways Sydney Airport gets, it is legally limited to 80 flights an hour" Sandilands writes in his Plane Talking column at Crikey, "and it is useless for serving the western half of Sydney, which is generating massive and growing demand."

Sandilands details the proposal to develop an airport on the southern shore of Botany Bay reaches back more than 50 years, with the notion of a "combined flying boat and airliner hub."

"At the time, long range flying boats were part of the future of post-war airline plans world wide, and Sydney had a second airport in the form of the flying boat base at Rose Bay."

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

12 Nov 2012

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This is (in my opinion) the most ridiculous plan yet. I am not greenie, but they will destroy Botany Bay plus, the lay out is all wrong. Having runways in that configuration will just led to my congestion in the air (with holding patterns) an on the ground with planes taxiing.

The article states that the estimated cost is similar to that of building a new airport - if this is the case then this is a no brainer - BUILD a new airport, with a far more user friendly layout, that will reduce noise in the inner-city area, open up curfew times and will improve traveller satisfaction.

undertheradar Banned
undertheradar Banned

28 Oct 2011

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LOL LOL LOL..i just hope taxpayer money wasnt wasted on his 'vision'..

Come on...own up...who voted for these clowns?

Air Berlin - topbonus

24 Jul 2012

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This is not a solution. This is just a relocation of the problem.

What i dont understand is, is this an additional airport or an extension? If additional, then how do they want to combine the landing and departure routings. If extension, then why werent they connected. The new layout shows a Domestic and International terminal, so what happens to the old one. Or is one for low cost...which is... who? Tiger? The concept does not makes sense and costs a lot of money now!

Sydney is so cramped, so dont use the left over pace, go out and look for enough space to design an airport with growth opportunities and good connections to city and surroundings.

This is seriously something I did not expect. If you dont have space - create space, like HKG. But HKG is an island, Sydney from my last notes has a bit of land somewhere western sided...

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

12 Nov 2012

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Your right! Sydney has land on the Western Area, please on the North and South.

At least the plan at HKG makes sense! Its layout is more logical and user friendly and allows for growth. I think the idiots in politics have the idea that more in one area is great... pfft!

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

20 Feb 2012

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No. This area is already saturated with various issues related to the existing airport. No need to compund it with more runways nearby.

The only realistic option is to build a second airport, preferably in an area which can capture the western suburbs. Badgerys Creek was initially this opton but it seems Wilton will have to suffice.

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