• I'm surprised the woman who paid for the extra seat didn't put up a fight. She paid for a seat that you took. That's so wrong. Regardless of someone's view on whether this should be allowed or not, if someone purchases a seat then it should not be taken from them. If you're on a full flight and ...

  • I use an Amex card and miss out on points when retailers don't accept Amex. I have been reluctant to get a Visa/Mastercard in addition to Amex because the annual fee degates the benefit in points. For someone like myself the Qantas Card could be a good way of earning some points. 1 per $2 is not...

  • Come on...own up...who voted for these clowns?

  • I flew BA in Prem Econ back in 2002 when QF did not have it. On one of the legs I could only fly on QF metal and I had to fly Y with no adjustment to price. Very wrong. I can understand why they wouldn't put us in J but they should make it clear when booking and charge for that leg as Y.

  • I'd also like to know please! Very nice.

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