Best 'Business Premier' seats on Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200

By John Walton, May 31 2012

Flying in Air New Zealand's Business Premier business class on its Boeing 777-200 planes? Make sure you pick the very best seats on the plane with our expert advice from real-world flights -- the very latest in our Best Seats series of guides.

Air New Zealand flies its smaller, older 777-200 on some Australian routes to Auckland, and from Auckland to Hong Kong (plus on to London).

Phillip Capper
The fold-over style seat is great for sleeping, but lacks a bit when it comes to reclining.
Phillip Capper

Perth-Auckland flights have recently been upgraded to the larger 777-200, which is a big boost for WA passengers heading to North America.

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The business class cabin

You'll find Air New Zealand's first-generation fully flat Business Premier seats on board. 26 seats, spread over seven rows in a 1-2-1 configuration where everyone gets direct aisle access and a fully flat bed.

Phillip Capper
There's just one business class cabin on board Air New Zealand's 777-200.
Phillip Capper

It's almost exactly the same seat you'll find on Virgin Atlantic's flights from Sydney to London via Hong Kong, although the wider 777 changes the cabin layout a little.

The best seats on the plane

4A 4K 5A 5K: if you like a view, pick these window seats in the middle of the cabin for the quietest ride. With baby bassinet cribs, lavatories and galley kitchens at the front and back of the cabin, the noise should be minimised by the time it reaches you.

4B 4J 5B 5J: if you don't mind about the window, these seats are a good second-best option. But your head is separated from the person behind you by only a thin divider. You won't be playing touchy-feely, but if they thump it in their sleep or snore, that's the downside of the middle seat.

Row 7: these last row seats are very controversial -- on the plus side, an extra high wall means they're extra-private. On the minus side, they're opposite the lavatories and in a fairly high traffic area, so choose with caution.

The worst seats on the plane

1B 1J: these seats are the first in the cabin, and the ottoman footrest pokes right out into the aisle. As we've experienced, this is a recipe for having your feet bumped into by passengers and trolleys coming past. They're also right next to the potential babies in 2A and 2K. Avoid.

2B 2J 3A 3K: You're less likely to be jostled by passing traffic, but you're still close to the potential babies in 2A and 2K. Try to get a better seat if you can.

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John Walton
John Walton

John Walton

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07 Jan 2018

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We have just traveled in seats 1B & 1J Adelaide to Auckland. In seat 1A I was very uncomfortable; the ottoman is far too close to the seat in recline and I could not get comfortable. One of the worst premium flights I have encountered. The layout is also very unfriendly to couples travelling together.

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