The Qantas/Emirates alliance: frequently-asked questions

By David Flynn, January 24 2012
The Qantas/Emirates alliance: frequently-asked questions

There are plenty of questions about the Qantas-Emirates partnership – and while we're still chasing some of the answers, Qantas and Emirates have put together their own Q&A list which we felt was worth sharing.

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Will I be able to earn points on all Emirates and Qantas flights?
Qantas Frequent Flyers will be able to earn points on all Emirates flights. Emirates Skywards members will be able to earn points on Qantas international flights and domestic sectors of an international trip.

Will I be able to use points to redeem award flights on Emirates and Qantas flights?
Yes, Qantas Frequent Flyers and Emirates Skywards members will be able to use their points (or miles) on either network.

Can I earn and use my Qantas Frequent Flyer points on Emirates flights now?
No. The frequent flyer agreement between Emirates and Qantas won’t take effect until the partnership commences in 2013 which is still subject to Government and regulatory approval, including from the ACCC.

Will my tier status be recognised if I’m flying on an Emirates service?
Yes. Both Qantas and Emirates will recognise members of each others frequent flyer programs throughout the entire journey, regardless of which airline you are flying with.

AusBT note: We've also confirmed that Qantas status credits will be earned on codeshare Emirates flights, provided you book under the QF flight number. Our story has all the details...

The Qantas network

Will Qantas still fly to Asia?
Yes. Previously our services to Singapore and Hong Kong were timed to optimise travel through to Europe. We will retime our existing services to Singapore and Hong Kong offering an improved schedule dedicated to better meet the needs of the Asia market.

Will Qantas still fly to London?
Yes. Qantas will fly daily from both Sydney and Melbourne to London via the global gateway of Dubai. The new partnership, subject to Government and regulatory approval, including from the ACCC, will also allow us to codeshare on Emirates flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth directly to Dubai.

AusBT note: To be more exact, Qantas will continue to run its own A380s on daily services from Sydney to London and Melbourne to London. Tme only difference to the current arrangement is that you'll break the journey at Dubai instead of Singapore.

Baggage allowance

Will there be any differences between baggage policies on Emirates and Qantas?
No. Subject to regulatory approval, the baggage policy on all codeshare flights will be the same on both airlines as part of creating a seamless customer experience.

Will Qantas Frequent Flyers be offered additional checked baggage allowances?
Yes. Qantas Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club Members will continue to benefit from extra allowances according to their membership status and cabin travelled when travelling on both Qantas and Emirates.


How will I be able to book a flight from Australia to Dubai on Qantas and then from Dubai to Europe on Emirates?
Customers will be able to book flights by calling either carrier, via the Emirates or Qantas website or through their travel agent, depending on which option and flight schedule suits them best.

If I buy a ticket on how will I know who I’ll ultimately be flying with?
The airline that you will be flying with will be confirmed during the booking process as currently occurs.

What does this mean if I am flying internationally before April 2013?
There is no change, no matter where you are flying.

If I am a Qantas customer flying internationally from April 2013 onwards, what does this mean for my travel?
If you are flying to North or South America, South Africa, Japan, Bangkok, as well as New Zealand, The Philippines, Jakarta, Hawaii, China or other Qantas codeshare destinations you are not affected at all by these announcements.

If you are flying to Singapore or Hong Kong, your flights may have a different departure and arrival time however you will still travel on the same day. We will advise you directly of any time changes to your itinerary.

If you are travelling to the UK or Europe from April 2013, your flight will operate via Dubai and then onward to your destination, subject to Government and regulatory approval. Options will also be available for customers who would still like to travel via Singapore or Hong Kong.

I have a flight booked after April 2013 for travel to London – what happens to my booking?
Your travel to London will remain confirmed. Qantas will contact you to discuss your choice of transit options.

What if I want to transit through Asia?
Qantas and its codeshare partners will continue to offer a range of transit options throughout Asia.

AusBT note: These partners and cities include British Airways (Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong); Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong); Finnair (Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong, for onwards flights to Helsinki); and as of Febraury 1, Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur).

I’m booked to fly to Singapore/Hong Kong in May 2013 and specifically wanted the A380 – how will I be impacted?
Qantas will continue to operate A380 services to Hong Kong on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. A380 flights that operated to Singapore will now operate to Dubai and onwards to London subject to regulatory approval. Customers booked on Singapore A380 services will be contacted by Qantas.

Dubai Airport

As a Qantas First or Business customer will I have priority check-in in Dubai?
Yes. Qantas First and Business customers, Platinum One, Platinum and Gold Frequent Flyer members will have access to Emirates’ dedicated check-in counters at Dubai Airport.

Lounge access

If I choose to fly with Emirates from Australia to Dubai from April 2013, can I still use the Qantas lounge at my departing airport in Australia?
Yes. If your class of travel or Frequent Flyer status gives you lounge access and both lounges are available, you will be welcome in either the Qantas or Emirates Lounge (subject to regulatory approval including from the ACCC).

As a Qantas Club member will I have access to Emirates lounges worldwide?
If you are travelling on Qantas, your lounge access will remain unchanged. If you are flying with Emirates you will have access to the Emirates lounge in Dubai (subject to regulatory approval including from the ACCC).

As a Qantas Frequent Flyer will I still be able to use the Australian domestic lounges if I am connecting from an Emirates international flight?
Yes. Your Domestic Lounge access eligibility will remain unchanged for Qantas even if your journey has mixed Qantas and Emirates flights (subject to regulatory approval including from the ACCC).

As an Emirates Skyward member travelling on the Qantas domestic network, will I have access to Qantas domestic lounges?
Only Skyward Gold members will be eligible to use the Domestic Qantas Club lounges in Australia (subject to regulatory approval including from the ACCC).

Chauffer service

Emirates currently offer a chauffeur service to its First and Business class travellers. Will Qantas be offering a similar sevice?
Yes. From April 2013, Qantas will introduce Chauffeur Drive, similar to the service already offered by Emirates. Passengers will be collected in a luxury vehicle and driven to the airport to meet their flight. On arrival at their destination, they will be met by another chauffeur service and driven to their hotel, office or home.

Who will be able to access the chauffeur service?
The service will be available to Qantas passengers travelling in First and Business on flights greater than 12 hours long.

Customers travelling between Australia and London, Dubai, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Santiago and Johannesburg will have access to the Chauffeur Drive service.

The offer extends to customers connecting via a Qantas domestic flight from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Sydney or Melbourne to an eligible Qantas international flight, as well as customers from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington travelling to Australia to connect to an eligible Qantas international flight.

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