Travel tip: replace Qantas' inflight entertainment with your iPad

By danwarne, July 6 2011

Here's how to hang an iPad on Qantas flights so you can watch movies without having to hold it, or have your tray table down.

If you're making a trip to Perth on one of Qantas' Airbus A330s or Boeing 747s, or making an international trip, you'll be treated to full seat-back entertainment.

However, Qantas' inflight entertainment screens -- particularly on 747s -- are quite old technology, with low resolution and poor contrast, compared to what you might be used to on an iPad or laptop. 

Australian Business Traveller noticed on a recent flight to Perth that the first-generation iPad microfibre case allows an iPad to be hung very easily over the top of the free-standing inflight entertainment display.

These free-standing screens are provided in bassinet row or bulkhead seats (essentially, any seat that doesn't have another seat in front of it) and they fold out from underneat the armrest. 

Using this technique, you can watch TV shows and movies on your iPad without having to hold it, or have your tray-table out. It is, essentially, a 'slot-on' replacement for Qantas' inflight entertainment.

Unfortunately, this technique won't work with Apple's new 'smart covers' for the iPad 2 -- we'll keep an eye out for any accessory that helps with hanging an iPad 2 during flights.

Also: see our guide on selecting the best seats on Qantas' 747s, which have appeared on the East coast to Perth routes, and our latest news on Jetstar's launch of iPad-based inflight entertainment.

Fold the front cover of the case over backwards, but don't slot it into the retaining tab -- just let it hang free. Then slide the iPad over the inflight entertainment screen.
Voila - it hangs neatly over the inflight entertainment screen.
It's a nice coincidence that the middle part of the iPad case fits so well on the Qantas screen.
On Qantas A330s -- used on east-west domestic routes, there's even a USB power supply for your iPad, if you forgot to charge it before taking the flight.
Of course, this tip should work on any airline with the pop-up inflight entertainment screens.




10 Mar 2011

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Didn't you already cover this story a while ago or did I read it somewhere else...

This tip is only good if you have a bulkhead seat with the pop-up screen and then only with iPad 1... So it's not exactly a great tip to repeat!



Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Jan 2011

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You're absolutely right AusFlyer.

I distinctly remember this story being posted a few months back so I had a look. It was posted previously on April 21 and is still in Google's cache.



04 Nov 2010

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Why didn't I ever think of doing this before? I love these practical tips for travellers, keep up the great work ABT!

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